Post Office RD Calculator for 5 years and 10 years Recurring Deposit Account of India Post

Date of Open:
Monthly Installment:

Result: for 5 Years

Date of open: 01/02/2024

Tenure: 5 years

Date of closure: 01/02/2029

Monthly Installment: ₹100.00

Total Installment Paid(60): ₹6,000.00

Interest @ 6.7 %:₹1,137.00

Maturity Value: ₹7,137.00

Rate of Interest as on 01/02/2024: 6.7%

Result: for 10 Years

only applicable if account is extended by customer for another 5 years during the below period.

Period for extending account : from 01/01/2029 to 01/02/2029

Date of open: 01/02/2024

Tenure: 10 years

Date of closure: 01/02/2034

Monthly Installment: ₹100.00

Total Installment Paid(120): ₹12,000.00

Interest @6.7 %: ₹5,085.00

Maturity Value: ₹17,085.00

Rate of Interest as on 01/02/2024 :6.7%

RD account can be extended for 5 years once.

Recurring Deposit Account (RD) in Post Office

Post Office Recurring Deposit (RD) account is a one of the popular savings schemes offered under National Savings Scheme by the Government of India through world largest postal network, Department of Posts also know as India Post (brand name of Department of Posts). This account can be opened in any Post Office be it Head Post Office, Sub Post Office or Branch Post Office thus giving you the flexibility to open account in any of 155000+ post offices branches.

Types of RD account in Post Office

Following types of accounts can be opened under the scheme:-

  1. Single Account:- A single account may be opened by a single adult.
  2. Joint Account:-A joint RD account in Post Office may be opened by only two adults jointly. The amount on closure of account is payable to both jointly or either of them with interest incurred. In case of death of one of the joint account holder of RD Account, the surviving depositor is treated sole owner of the RD account and he or she has option to continue the account till maturity.
  3. Minor Account: - Any minor aged 10 years or above can open RD account in Post Office operated by self or the minor account will be opened by the Guardian of the minor.
  4. Lunatic Account: - There are separate provisions for opening of Recurring Deposit Account in the name of Lunatics.

Key features of PO RD Account

Post Office Savings RD Account is very popular among the salaried people to make a corpus by making small monthly contribution. The basic key features of the Post Office RD Account are as under :

  • The account will be opened with minimum monthly installment Rs 100/- (Rs One Hundred) and there is no upper limit for the monthly installment. However the monthly installment should be in multiple of Rs 10.
  • The monthly installment also knows as denomination in official terminology of India Post cannot be changed once account is opened.
  • The tenure of Post Office RD account is 05 years; which is further extendable next 05 years during the last month of the RD account by visiting the home branch of Post Office and submitting an application in this regard. You can check when you can extend the RD account by using the above Post Office RD account calculator online. Conclusively the RD Account is post office has tenure of five years only which can be extended, so the tenure in total cannot exceed 10 years.
  • There is no limit on opening of RD Accounts in Post Office, so you can open any number of RD accounts in Post Office.
  • The rate of interest remains the same throughout the tenure of 05 years or 10 years. For example if you open account on 01.01.2024 when the rate of interest is 6.7 % per year , the rate of interest will be remain same even if you extend the RD Account after 05 years. Thus this gives you leverage to choose option to extend the account. The above online Post Office RD Calculator enables you to calculate the return on RD investment for 05 years as well as 10 years for all time whether RD Account is opend in 2023 year or 2022; this calculator can calculate the RD Maturity value for any time period according to the RD Interest Rate Applicable that time. The interest is compounded quarterly and paid annually in PO RD account. The rate of interest ranges between 5.8% and 7.6% usually. The rate of interest table is as below.
  • Depositor can avail facility of taking load from Post Office RD Account after completion of RD Account. The loan amount cannot exceed the 50% of total deposit in RD account.
  • The loan amount can be repaid through installments (maximum 12 loan installments allowed) or as a lump sum amount at any time during the tenure of RD account.
  • India Post also offers rebate on advance deposit of RD for 06 and more installments inclusive of the deposit for the current month.

How to Calculate Post Office RD Interest Rate ? (पोस्ट ऑफिस आरडी कैलकुलेटर)

The below formula is used to calculating maturity from the post office RD account :

M =R[(1+i)n – 1]/1-(1+i)(-1/3)
where, M = Total return of maturity
R = Monthly Installment
n = RD Acount tenure in years
i = Rate of interest applicable

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about Recurring Deposit (RD) Account of Post Office

What is the minimum amount required for opening an RD account?

The Minimum amount is Rs 100/-(Rs One Hundred).

Can we change the monthly deposit amount of RD in Post Office?

NO.The denomination (monthly deposit amount) can not be changed.

What is the time period of RD account in Post Office?

5 Years (60 months)

The time period for an RD account is five years. No other period for RD account is applicable to Post Office RD account.

Can we close RD account before maturity?

Yes; but not before completion of three years!

RD account lock in period is three years from the date of opening.

What is the rate of interest for RD scheme in Post Office?

Please check the below Interest table.

The rate of interest applicable at the time of opening of RD account is fixed for that account.

Can I take loan against RD account?


After completion of one year, you can take as much as half of the amount deposited so far as loan. This loan is also known as half withdrawal.

What are the conditions for taking loan RD account?

The RD account should have be running condition.

In other words the RD account should not be discontinued.

When does an RD account become discontinued?

If the monthly intallment of an account is not deposited for six months in a row, then the account become discontinued.

For example an RD account deposited till Dec, 2022 will become discontinued on 01st July, 2023 if monthly intallments are not deposited during Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May and June 2023.

Can we revive RD discontinued account?


RD account once discontinued can not be revived.

What interest do we get in RD discontinued account?

Rate of interest of Savings Account.

Can we take loan or half withdrawal in discontinued RD account?

No.RD account must be running for taking loan (withdrawal).

What to do when an RD account become discontinued?

The best practice is to close the account if it has completed 03 year of lock in period.

What are the other benificial schemes of Post Office?

Post Office has many schemes. A few of them is as follows:
  • TD Schemes (Time Deposit accounts for 01, 02, 03 and 05 years
  • MIS (Monthly Income Scheme)
  • SCSS (Senior Citizen Savings Scheme)
  • SSA (Sukanya Samriddhi Account Sheme)
  • PLI/RPLI (Postal Life Insurance Scheme)

Expected return table for Post Office RD investment for 05 years and 10 years

Monthly Insvestment 5 year return 10 year return

Rate of Interest for RD accounts in Post Office

From To Interest Rate
01/04/1981 31/03/1982 9.90 %
01/04/1982 28/02/1983 10.30 %
01/03/1983 31/03/1987 11.30 %
01/04/1987 31/03/1991 11.00 %
01/04/1991 30/09/1991 11.50 %
01/10/1991 01/09/1993 13.50 %
02/09/1993 31/12/1998 12.50 %
01/01/1999 31/12/1999 11.50 %
01/01/2000 14/01/2000 11.50 %
15/01/2000 31/01/2000 10.50 %
01/02/2000 28/02/2001 10.50 %
01/03/2001 28/02/2002 9.00 %
01/03/2002 28/02/2003 8.50 %
01/03/2003 30/11/2011 7.50 %
01/12/2011 31/03/2012 8.00 %
01/04/2012 31/03/2013 8.40 %
01/04/2013 31/03/2014 8.30 %
01/04/2014 31/03/2015 8.40 %
01/04/2015 31/03/2016 8.40 %
01/04/2016 30/09/2016 7.40 %
01/10/2016 31/03/2017 7.30 %
01/04/2017 30/06/2017 7.20 %
01/07/2017 31/12/2017 7.10 %
01/01/2018 30/09/2018 6.90 %
01/10/2018 30/06/2019 7.30 %
01/07/2019 31/03/2020 7.20 %
01/04/2020 31/03/2023 5.80 %
01/04/2023 30/06/2023 6.20 %
01/07/2023 30/09/2023 6.50 %
01/10/2023 30/06/2024 6.70 %

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